She was flawless when she dropped it all. The restaurant looked around as she ducked below table height. Food splatters garnished with shards of plate were presented at Jed's feet, a carrot on his lace. Her smile lifted, like a sunrise withering the heartless night. Beaming above the chaos of cutlery, she yelled "Tony, can you please grab a broom or mop or something. I've made a bit of a mess here". 

As she sprawled to contain the disaster, Jed fell into her like a volcano, he was part of her when he escaped, molten. Jed ignored the gravy in his shoe as a statue of her was unveiled in his heart. She didn't really acknowledge him, she just busily made a scrap heap beneath his table, as he smiled at her scalp. Finally, he caught her eye with a desperate grin like a butterfly net. She tucked away her perfection behind an uncaring look. She was young, wreck-full, tireless and speeding elsewhere.

Without anything she was gone, back to the kitchen, leaving the broken heap of scraps.

Tony emerged to replace her with a cloth.

The cloth skimmed across Jed's shoe, he mourned for her as steam rose from within. Shoe-gravy steam, in went Tony's finger, beyond sock. Jed didn't look down, he closed his eyes and took what he could get. 

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